myths about fat loss that most women believe Givenchy

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myths about fat loss that most women believe Givenchy1

If the real goal here is to drop body fat percentage rather than weight, it is important to follow a life style that will better reflect results in the mirror rather than the scale.Let's take two people who are both female, the same age, 5'5' and that weigh 57kg.Now let's say one is retired Olympic Sprinter Jessica Ennis and the other is my friend Mary, an average gym goer who joined the gym to 'lose weight'.There is a good possibility that if you told Mary that in 12 months she would look like Jess, Givenchy ANTIGONA chances are she wouldn't care to ask how much Jess weighs.Why? Because based on looks alone, the more 'toned' we start to look, the less concerned we become about the number on the scale.That toned look means lower body fat percentage. Same weight, more muscle, less fat.So now that we have established that for some of us, fat loss is actually our destination to happiness, getting there should be pretty straightforward, right? Well it isn't quite that easy and here is why. Cardio is one way to lose fat but in comparison with weight training it is not the most effective or efficient way to drop your body fat percentage.For years people associated cardio with burning calories and weight training with muscle gain.So what did we do? Those of us who wanted to lose fat jumped on the treadmill for an hour and those who wanted to see their guns grow, lifted weights, a perception which put the majority of women off from stepping into the free weights section.Although, if done properly, both cardio and weight training will undoubtedly myths about fat loss that most women believe Givenchy burn fat, if the goal is to drop our body fat percentage, meaning burn fat and gain muscle at the same time, weight training edges ahead for two reasons.Firstly, weight training builds muscle more effectively than cardio.Second, weight training promotes a boost in metabolism that carries on long after your workout is finished, it is a hormonal jump start.So if your body plateaus after endless hours of steady cardio how about some change that doesn't mean more time on the treadmill. Shopping Givenchy With Wholesale Price: Tags: #Yupoo #Yupoo givenchy #Givenchy #yupoo aliexpress #yupoo shoes #aliexpress yupoo #yupoo watches #yupoo search #free vector